Bittersweet Days

Are we done with covid yet?, or is another ’emergency’ coming?

The Government is working overtime ramming legislation thru the house as fast as they can with no real opposition apart from public opinion via the all important polls.

We are in effect run by mob rule and a power mad PM, hence why the mandates happened despite the issue of individual human rights.

Since we were plainly misled in a plan to just vaccinate everything that moves, this leaves me wondering whats coming next, which means not planning too far ahead, but working on contingency plans instead.

I think we have mostly won the battle of the mandates, it just that no one openly admits that, because that implicitly admits we were right.

I’ve sort of noticed that people are quite friendly towards towards me these days, the same people that thought I was a traitorous fool a year ago. One even told me I didn’t deserve to go to hospital because I wasn’t vaccinated. (for the record, it’s actually the vaccinated that are filling up the hospitals)

School camps, etc are still haunted by virtue signalling clowns testing positive, telling everyone who will listen, and making it very hard on the organisers, who end up either trying to isolate them or close the camp early, and send everyone home.
It basically becomes an incentive not to send your kids on a camp.

I have some rather haunting posts from this time last year, which in hindsight illustrate just how crazy it was last year.

We haven’t forgotten how we were treated, and we are sort of heading towards Xmas almost with a feeling of well, cautiousness.

My daughters came up with plans for Xmas, so we are just going to do these on the spur of the moment

Perhaps given the extensive list, well just do one or two of them…

The Total, Utter and Complete Backdown on Hate Speech Legislation

I was certain that this Labour Government was going to foist Hate Speech laws on us. There were six specific proposals: Increase the number groups protected under the Human Rights Act, from the status quo protecting groups based on their “colour, race or ethnic or national origins” to also include “sex, gender (including gender identity), […]

The Total, Utter and Complete Backdown on Hate Speech Legislation

A word about the Vaxxed who have had adverse reactions

There’s a mostly silent group in New Zealand, who I think are are more numerous than is generally realised. They generally suffer in silence, with perhaps a bit of shame for ‘giving in’ to getting the jab.

They are considered to be ‘collateral damage for the common good in the war against covid’ by the media. No one wants to know about them.

Medical help for them from doctors or nurses is complicated because they can’t afford to acknowledge the cause, least they lose their job and/or their practising license. They get fobbed off instead with excuses like ‘it’s just a coincidence’ or ‘it’s in your head’.

An example of what can happen is this doctor..

If you have the time, the link below is to a video where Brett Power explains how all these adverse effects were explained away by the manufacturer when they ran their tests.

I have personally met three people with adverse reactions just through walking around my neighorhood or talking to a stranger somewhere while passing the time. One has ongoing issues with his liver while another has heart problems. The third one is now OK.

All three of them are quietly dealing with their predicament as best they can. In hindsight, I wish I had done more for them. At the least, get their experience recorded. The Health Forum can help with this, a link is below.

Guest Post -Courage in the Face of Cruelty

One year on from the 15th November, 2021, the day the Ardern government mandated thousands of hard working and honourable Kiwis out of their jobs, we look back at a teacher's final day in her role with the pupils she so treasured.
A searing, brave remembrance of courage in the face of cruelty and loss.

Shared from FreeNZ Contributor

I feel the eyes peering at me sideways. Palms move in front of hissing toxic mouths. Cruel smirks. People savouring the gossip. I walk into the staff office and see incriminating eyes on me. The chatter halts mid-flow. What had I done? Nothing, except to say no. I feel the pressure striking me from all angles. The anxiety hurries my pulse, my heart pumping in my ears. There is no sympathy here. Just a blank set of stares, coldly stamping me as an outsider.

I walk up to Jennifer to ask to borrow her stapler. Her lips twist in disgust. Evidently, I am not wanted here. She tells me, “No, you might get your germs all over it” before she pulls it towards her as if it were her precious babe in arms. She grabs the nearest sanitiser and squirts some onto her hands, as if even being in my presence is enough for her to catch something deadly. She eyeballs me the whole time as her hands aggressively spread the alcohol scent over her delicate skin, her tight lips taut in concentration. The bell rings to signal lunchtime. I jump a little as I am so focused on the waves of disgust rolling off someone I once assumed was my friend. I have lunchtime duty, so I walk out without a word.

What is there to say?

As always, I wander past the teens trickling out of class. It is bittersweet to see their laughing faces as they spend time with their friends – something quite alien to me now.

A group of students I have taught in the past, come rushing up to me. “Miss, is it true? Are you leaving?” My heart squeezes in a painful shudder of contraction as I reply. “I don’t know. I will just have to wait and see. I don’t want to leave.” They have already had so many changes in teachers over the last few years. They have felt let down by others. They beg me to “Just say yes. It’s only a shot!”. But I can’t. How could I continue to teach them about right and wrong if I were to crumble? I just want this nightmare to end, but I know I have no choice. With down-turned faces, they scurry away after a quick hug and wave. How I will miss them. Tears prickle once more, and my throat feels as if it will close up. This is the hardest thing I have ever done.

The buildings, mostly empty now: the juveniles outside savouring the sunlight. I walk past an entrance to hear my formerly close friend say to another workmate, “I can’t wait till THOSE people are out of here!”. I choose to carry on walking with my head high. What is the point of making a fuss? She is, after all, the principal’s wife. I am already in enough trouble.

The bell sounds its shrill cry and I reluctantly turn to head back towards my classroom. My staffroom is now a battleground. Cruel eyes glare at me, if I set foot in there these days. A place no longer accessible to me. Like a thief in the night, coffee is a guilty pleasure only when I can muster enough courage to ignore the disgusted looks, and rush in to grab a steaming cup of sustenance.

As I head back to my classroom, a lad I know only by sight, stops in front of me and snarls, “Good luck with dying from Covid.”. I am left dumbstruck, knowing that this is coming from a place of hate. But again, what can I do? According to our ministry, I have no rights anymore. My heart is heavy to know that this is what he is learning. I always believed that school should teach children how to be good citizens. Respectful of others, respectful of different choices. Instead, we are advising them that it’s ok to fear and despise groups of people based solely on a personal medical choice. All of this, and so much more cruelty, are the flow-on effects of a Prime Minister who smiles on the nightly news, while her unkind policies tear apart our country.

Hands shaking, and feeling overwhelmed, I try to head back to my safety: my classroom, with all the students’ work displayed proudly on the walls.  My Scentsy warmer pushes flower scents into the room. Standing at my door is the principal. His look of pity and disappointment fills my stomach with broken butterflies. He hands me an official  letter stating I have to meet with the Board. They have given me notice, for refusing to comply with something which I simply don’t agree with. I try to reason with him. His eyes go chillingly hard and I see there is no point. My head bows in defeat.

As he leaves, he says “Have a wonderful day”.

Hmm, what’s next on the agenda in NZ?

Things are relatively calm on the surface here in NZ, but there is a lot going on behind the scenes. Some of us think life’s back to normal, while others think we are in the eye of the storm.

I tend to be in the latter group because I know our Governments not capable of admitting the covid response was unnessessary and over the top. The covid narrative is pretty much dead apart from the odd straggler, which leaves the door open for a lot of anger and resentment about the social carnage of the last few years.

It seems the Government has a few strategies in place to prevent or delay the chickens coming home to roost.

Firstly, they are hunting for the domestic terrorist.

A recent ‘documentary’ on TV had the following bizarre quote

“They use Pinterest and Instagram to draw in other women who are interested in interior design, childrens’ clothing, knitting, healthy food for children, and it does draw people in towards a set of white nationalist ideas. I mean it’s relatively easy to see, if you see a very beautiful, fair-skinned blonde or red haired child with beautiful braiding in her hair and some flowers, just step back a little bit (laughs) which is really distressing, because that’s my heritage”

Web of Chaos, TVNZ

A video link is here…

and a response from VFF is below

VFF satire

Then they got the NZSIS involved! (Special Intelligence Service), who published a book on ‘warning signs’.

I won’t bore you with the details, but they cast a very wide net that catches just about everyone….eg

On page 13, These behaviours may indicate someone is developing  or promoting a violent extremist ideology.

  • Consumes violent extremist videos, media, music or messaging. (watches something like the ‘The bourne Identity’ ,news on TV, and listens to rap music)?
  • Identifies with a violent extremist cause (Ukraine/Russia conflict anyone? one of these sides has to be extremist, right?, and it’s on the news every other day)
  • Makes dehumanising, hostile or violent statements against individuals or groups they perceive as ‘the enemy’ or the ‘other’. (Wellington protest anyone? -you know, the one consisting of nurses, teachers, etc who were ignored by every MP in parliament and then violently driven off by the government)

reference is here..

I could go on but I guess you get the picture.

Secondly, they are silencing any ‘alternative’ opinions, least someone stray from the Government funded msm link

Thirdly, another lockdown!

Yesiree, if all else fails, get everyone stressed out about covid (again)

Yes, they are ramping up the rhetoric in the mainstream media and I’m starting to get persistent rumours about a possible lockdown around christmas!

This strategy could backfire on the Government big time. It’s been a long three years and I think we are all getting a bit tired of the constant ’emergencies’.

There’s an election late next year which is where some of us are confidently looking to vote them out.
The problem is though, that this government isn’t going to go gracefully. Buckle up folks!

P.S. We have no plans for Xmas just like last year. We just make it up as we go along, so we don’t get inconvenienced by ’emergencies’/’pandemics’/whatever.

Donations, Donations, donations

The governments been ramping up their campaign of malfeasance recently by threatening to ‘cancel’ 20% of farming and on a separate front, they are preparing to restrict free_speech before the next election.

Since I’m busy with work and family at the moment, I’ve ramped up the number of donations to organisations fighting against these pending atrocities to our way of life.

Most of these groups send you a thankyou email, which we all know is nice, but somewhat impersonal.

So I was very gratified to recieve a handwritten card from the taxpayers union for my recent donation.

Finding this in the mail made my day.