The Government belatedly doubles down about covid

The covid /mask thing is still going on over here in NZ, they have ‘strongly advised’ kids they have to wear a mask at school, and they are now trying to say that not wearing a mask at all is a selfish thing to do.
(note that no one calls it a mandate anymore)

New Zealand is now one of the few countries left in the world where the ‘war on covid’ is still a thing.
They did the strictest lockdowns, vaccine passports, mandates, etc, for no discernable gain.

The Government seems stuck with the problem that they can’t back down, least they end up admitting they ‘failed’, so they just keep going.

There are still lots of Joe Public wearing masks, but it’s probably more from habit, and a natural tendency to obey the government and the constant propaganda.

There are persistent ad’s to ‘do the right thing’ on TV and radio regarding masks, vaccines etc, as there has been for the last two years. The ad’s change every week or so, and they try convincing you from a different angle.

(It always reminds me of the typical ‘never do well’ family member who’s always in a pickle and just needs more money.)

As for me, the kids and I haven’t watched/listened to TV or radio for years. (The kids are right into netflix and DVD’s).

I generally avoid ‘masked people’ gathering places like certain shops, supermarkets etc, these days. Life’s just nicer that way.

Also, in a move to keep the ‘covid is going to kill us’ narrative going, an hour long documentary was on TV the other day about the dangers of ‘misinformation’ and who is spreading it.

It was basically a hit piece on anyone opposing the government narrative.

It all has an air of desperation to it, because once the fear of covid is gone, what happens then?

My guess is lots of anger, I doubt if there is anyone in NZ who hasn’t been adversely effected somehow by the whole covid thing.

Songs from the heart

It’s Sunday morning and I’m lying in a sunbeam in my bed So many things to do today are roaming around my head Their footsteps are loud, urgent, pacing and it sets my heart to racing, I am almost about to rise When a Butcher birds song cuts through the glass door, cuts through the […]

Songs from the heart

Reach Out!

Thought for the Week “Reach out” is the contemporary term for making contact. People don’t simply “get in touch with” others anymore, they “reach out” to them. There’s something sweet and maybe a little desperate about that phrase in this age of widespread disconnection and intolerance. Yes, agreement is good, but it’s not always possible. […]

Reach Out!

A fabulous day, how skateboarding made my snowboarding better

I’m always a little bit apprehensive about snowboarding, but my youngest daughter loves skiing, so I always have a go to support her. Like a lot of the kids talents and interests it’s a bit of a mystery where she got the passion from, such is life.

It’s been a long two years since the last time we went, because of all that covid stuff.

Still, it was refreshingly good to be back on the slopes at Snowplanet which is located just north of Auckland. (

The big surprise for me though, was how natural it felt for me on a snowboard after all this time. In fact, I went better than I ever have before!. It just came to me naturally and easily.

Even using the T-bar lift wasn’t the intimidating monster it normally is. I’m normally struggling to stay upright, but this time around, I was just totally relaxed about it and just cruised along.

Then it dawned on me

I’ve been riding a skateboard as often as I can every day since, well, ages.. This has helped my natural balance no end.

Another reason is that I’ve finally worked out how to fix a troublesome knee that iritates me every winter. A combination of stretches and weights seems to have fixed the issue once and for all. (I can’t get complacent on this though, I need to keep up the thrice weekly routine).

All of this created a day that was bliss.

My daughter always wins the ‘race’ to the bottom, but she’s on ski’s and simply goes straight down the course, whereas I go from side to side as a way of controlling the speed and getting more precious time on the snow.

Another walk with Brian Tamaki’s protesters

This protest was decidedly different from the one a couple of weeks ago.

For the first time, there was a small counter protest in favor of masks and vaccines. They pretty much kept to themselves and kept a respectful distance, unless you approached them, then they would demand you wear a mask. Apparently they got a bit rattled when Brian got up on the stage and spoke for some time. It wasn’t one of Brian’s best speeches, it was too long, and wasn’t clear and to the point. But by the end of it, most of the counter protesters had disappeared.

There was a heavy Police presence this time. I think this was because of the counter protest in the same area, but also the fact that the police got outsmarted at the last protest, when they obligingly escorted the protesters onto the motorway. The motorway entrances were heavily Policed this time and there were police officers escorting us all the way around on the march around Auckland city.

One of the highlights for me, was when we walked past one of those motorway blockades, and a protester carrying a sleeping child says to the cops “Oh, so it’s you guys blocking the motorway this time”.

There was quite a few from the media present, who were probably looking (hoping?) for an incident between the rival protest groups. They were predictably disapointed, because Brian Tamaki’s Church is very non-confrontational in a very christian like way.

As usual, I expect the event will be the subject of media scrutiny over the next few days, which I won’t bother to write about.

The protest is about vaccine mandates, masks, and Government breaches against peoples rights. It isn’t about the media.

A stroll up the motorway with a bunch of protesters -part 2

The usual battle for the hearts and minds of Joe public broke out in the media….

The response to this from the protest organisers is below. It seems the media have done an own goal…

“Big Thanks to the NZ Police and Sergeant Joshua Connolly (Operations Planner for Tamaki Makaurau) for facilitating our safe hikoi around inner city Auckland yesterday!

Sergeant Connolly sent us several lovely emails last week, and he was super helpful. We quote him, “Just checking in on how your team is getting on with your traffic management plan? and if there is anything we can assist with?”

And an even earlier email…” this information will assist Police in ensuring the event is safe and enjoyable for those attending…”

Sergeant Connolly was so easy to work with.  He sent us a final email on Friday morning at 6.38am thanking us for supplying the contact details for our personnel in charge of traffic management.

The NZ Police were also helpful in letting us know which field to best set ourselves up on at the Auckland Domain, so we stayed clear of any sports.

The NZ Police again thanked us on Friday via text for having supplied a full map of our walking route on and off the motorway.  We allowed the police ample time to organize themselves and Auckland Transport, which they seemed to appreciate.  NZ Police were such a joy to work with, that they didn’t even raise any fears about our walking route.  In the past they have suggested alternative routes. In fact, this time, we didn’t hear anything further from the police until 10 minutes before our event started when Sergeant Connolly sent his police buddies along to walk with us, and work with us.

To all of the friendly Policemen and women who helped us block busy roads so our crowd could pass safely by, and who chatted to us, and smiled and waved at our families as we marched past…Thank you!

To the two lovely Policemen who drove the escort vehicle at the front of our hikoi as we headed onto the motorway…a special big Thank You to both of you!  Our crowd wouldn’t have known which way to walk to get onto the motorway if you weren’t kindly showing us which way to go.

Thank you NZ Police for doing a stellar job at facilitating our Right to Protest.

Lastly, one final shout-out to the Mainstream Media, particularly Ashleigh and her cameraman from NewsHub, who were the trailblazers who ran ahead of our crowd, and were the first onto the motorway, also paving the way for the crowd to know which road to travel. Many of us were duly impressed with Ashleigh’s ability to run in those heels as she tore past the masses like a gazelle. But we don’t blame her for wanting to be first onto the motorway…it wasn’t a competition, but hey, it was all rather exciting to be a part of.

Thank you everyone for making the day “safe and enjoyable for those attending…”

Until next time…”

and then a bit of satire…

“We took a leaf out of Auckland Transport’s book yesterday and took a leisurely stroll through our inner city.  Big thanks to everyone who joined us on our hikoi.

With the high cost of fuel this government imposes on us, who can blame us for resorting to man’s oldest form of transportation…walking!”

A stroll up the Auckland motorway with a bunch of protesters

It’s been a few months since there have been any major protests here in NZ.
I think this is due to the Wellington protest outside of parliament causing the Government to back down on most of the mandates, even if they won’t admit this.

Since then, the statistics have shown that the pfizer vaccine is ineffective and that masks are a waste of time, but the Government is still determined to ‘win’ the war on covid.
Their reasoning for this is simply the latest poll, which shows a large percentage of voters still blindly follow the Governments wishes. that in itself is not a moral justification though, it’s just another version of mob rule.  

So with that in mind, Brian Tamaki and ‘The Freedom and rights coalition’ have decided to take the initiative and protest against the Government again.

It was a typical protest by the TFRC in that it was well organised and family friendly. we listened to a few speeches, then went for a bit of a walk. I carried a sign on behalf of Daniel who was injured by the vaccine.

The protest was a bit bolder than normal. We walked down the motorway which caused it to be closed, then we walked back on the other side to go back.. At one point our walk coincided with another protest by ‘convoy 2022’ who blocked the other side of the motorway. (in other words, we completely stopped traffic in both directions)

The reaction from the public was generally neutral or supportive.
You do get the odd ‘Go get a job you lazy b..’ comment, which shows there ignorance if nothing else.
(for the record, I’ve been an essential worker all this time)