The Climate change saga

The link below has a good explanation as to the folly of stressing out about climate change.

Here in NZ, a lot of virtue signalling has been done in the name of climate change. this is underlined by the fact that they are only responsible for 0.1% of worldwide emissions of greenhouse gases.

It’s notable that ‘climate change’ used to be call ‘global warming’. The reason for the name change is that scientists are undecided amongst themselves about whether it will actually cause temperature’s to rise or fall. This in itself shows just how imprecise the science is and begs the question.. Is there actually a problem here at all?

New Zealand’s present government has banned opening of new oil and gas fields, which will lead to energy supply problems in the near future. The present gas supply is due to run out in less than ten years time. It’s not possible to import gas in bulk to get around this problem, as there are no port facilities to handle bulk carriers of gas, and it will take more than ten years to build one in any case. NZ is importing coal, (despite abundant resources of it) to keep one of the major power stations running (Huntly power station -1360 megawatt) which used to run on natural gas, but can’t due to dwindling supplies.

Apparently it’s wrong to mine coal in NZ, but it’s all right if someone else does it in their own backyard.