Self serving robots?

There is a cafe in a large town nearby that I visit once in a blue moon. I know it well because I used to work nearby.

Today, they had very enthusiastic people admiring this robot that was been demonstrated for a very smug manager who was grinning from ear to ear.

By chance he served me at the counter. I made the comment that I wouldn’t be smiling about something that is about to take your job.

This went straight over his head until I commented that I wont go to a cafe staffed by robots, at which point his face dropped like a lead balloon and it then became apparent he was actually the manager. (oops!, put my foot in it again).

It seems he has staffing issues, so the robot is in ‘reserve’

But here’s the thing. I know the history of the place and I know that he cant keep staff because he’s too difficult to deal with.

While I was there, a waitress got all stressed out simply because some customers sat down at a table to wait for their takeaway order. It just illustrated to me the stress that the staff were under.

So here’s the thing
If you like been served by real people, be nice to them. Treat them as you would like to be treated. Sometimes they aren’t having a good day.

The alternative is a cold robot that talks in a soothing voice. It might be a quaint experience at first but then, maybe that might change..


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