Another round of mask insanity

Schools have been ‘strongly advised’ to require all schoolchildren to wear masks again next term, but ‘only for a few weeks’

Only a naive person these would believe that this is not a mask mandate and that it’s only temporary.

The Government is “strongly” recommending schools review and “enforce” a mask-wearing policy as COVID-19 cases rise and children prepare to return to classes after the holidays.

According to an update released on the Ministry of Education’s website on Thursday, associate Education Minister Jan Tinetti has written to school boards “outlining the Government’s strong recommendation to review and enforce a mask-wearing policy as much as practicable”.

It said both the Ministry of Health and Ministry of Education “strongly recommend” all schools amend their policies for the first four weeks of the upcoming term 3 “to require mask wearing in all indoors for students year 4 and above, where it will not have a significant impact on teaching and learning”.
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The local schools have already sent out somewhat menacing letters to comply. This is not about protecting the children from covid or even what is in the childrens best interests.

It’s about ‘protecting’ the teachers from covid apparently…

Wasn’t that what the vaccine was for? (four shots so far and counting)


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  1. Moving goalposts and expanding restrictions seems to be the pattern. Hopefully everyone has learned by now that when you give public health authorities an inch, they will take a mile. I feel sorry for the kids caught up in all of this.

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