A stroll up the Auckland motorway with a bunch of protesters

It’s been a few months since there have been any major protests here in NZ.
I think this is due to the Wellington protest outside of parliament causing the Government to back down on most of the mandates, even if they won’t admit this.

Since then, the statistics have shown that the pfizer vaccine is ineffective and that masks are a waste of time, but the Government is still determined to ‘win’ the war on covid.
Their reasoning for this is simply the latest poll, which shows a large percentage of voters still blindly follow the Governments wishes. that in itself is not a moral justification though, it’s just another version of mob rule.  

So with that in mind, Brian Tamaki and ‘The Freedom and rights coalition’ have decided to take the initiative and protest against the Government again.


It was a typical protest by the TFRC in that it was well organised and family friendly. we listened to a few speeches, then went for a bit of a walk. I carried a sign on behalf of Daniel who was injured by the vaccine.

The protest was a bit bolder than normal. We walked down the motorway which caused it to be closed, then we walked back on the other side to go back.. At one point our walk coincided with another protest by ‘convoy 2022’ who blocked the other side of the motorway. (in other words, we completely stopped traffic in both directions)

The reaction from the public was generally neutral or supportive.
You do get the odd ‘Go get a job you lazy b..’ comment, which shows there ignorance if nothing else.
(for the record, I’ve been an essential worker all this time)

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