Another walk with Brian Tamaki’s protesters

This protest was decidedly different from the one a couple of weeks ago.

For the first time, there was a small counter protest in favor of masks and vaccines. They pretty much kept to themselves and kept a respectful distance, unless you approached them, then they would demand you wear a mask. Apparently they got a bit rattled when Brian got up on the stage and spoke for some time. It wasn’t one of Brian’s best speeches, it was too long, and wasn’t clear and to the point. But by the end of it, most of the counter protesters had disappeared.

There was a heavy Police presence this time. I think this was because of the counter protest in the same area, but also the fact that the police got outsmarted at the last protest, when they obligingly escorted the protesters onto the motorway. The motorway entrances were heavily Policed this time and there were police officers escorting us all the way around on the march around Auckland city.

One of the highlights for me, was when we walked past one of those motorway blockades, and a protester carrying a sleeping child says to the cops “Oh, so it’s you guys blocking the motorway this time”.

There was quite a few from the media present, who were probably looking (hoping?) for an incident between the rival protest groups. They were predictably disapointed, because Brian Tamaki’s Church is very non-confrontational in a very christian like way.

As usual, I expect the event will be the subject of media scrutiny over the next few days, which I won’t bother to write about.

The protest is about vaccine mandates, masks, and Government breaches against peoples rights. It isn’t about the media.