The Government belatedly doubles down about covid

The covid /mask thing is still going on over here in NZ, they have ‘strongly advised’ kids they have to wear a mask at school, and they are now trying to say that not wearing a mask at all is a selfish thing to do.
(note that no one calls it a mandate anymore)

New Zealand is now one of the few countries left in the world where the ‘war on covid’ is still a thing.
They did the strictest lockdowns, vaccine passports, mandates, etc, for no discernable gain.

The Government seems stuck with the problem that they can’t back down, least they end up admitting they ‘failed’, so they just keep going.

There are still lots of Joe Public wearing masks, but it’s probably more from habit, and a natural tendency to obey the government and the constant propaganda.

There are persistent ad’s to ‘do the right thing’ on TV and radio regarding masks, vaccines etc, as there has been for the last two years. The ad’s change every week or so, and they try convincing you from a different angle.

(It always reminds me of the typical ‘never do well’ family member who’s always in a pickle and just needs more money.)

As for me, the kids and I haven’t watched/listened to TV or radio for years. (The kids are right into netflix and DVD’s).

I generally avoid ‘masked people’ gathering places like certain shops, supermarkets etc, these days. Life’s just nicer that way.

Also, in a move to keep the ‘covid is going to kill us’ narrative going, an hour long documentary was on TV the other day about the dangers of ‘misinformation’ and who is spreading it.

It was basically a hit piece on anyone opposing the government narrative.

It all has an air of desperation to it, because once the fear of covid is gone, what happens then?

My guess is lots of anger, I doubt if there is anyone in NZ who hasn’t been adversely effected somehow by the whole covid thing.