Staying grounded during a time of upheaval

we have a rather idealistic government in New Zealand in much the same way that Canada and the USA have at the moment.They have this vision of reforming society and what it values, and changing those values to something else.

That ‘something else’ constantly changes according to polls and public opinion. In other words, mob rule.

Anything traditional these days is either attacked, or ignored as they promote an ‘alternative’, in a classic case of mis-direction.

Traditional groups are all under attack. Christian groups, Catholics, Girl Guides, Boy scouts, marriage, even the concept of women, is maligned or attacked in the media.

It is in times like this that you remember who you are, where you came from, and stick to your beliefs, and just ignore all that noise and peer pressure.

The link below is from someone who is very religious, but that in itself is beside the point.

All that matters is that you have a belief in something, which Mitch plainly does.

Photo by Dan Grinwis Thought for the Week I was an atheist, and insufferably superior about it. I considered myself more rational, more progressive than my naïve religious friends. But there was one thing I couldn’t explain: The Wallaces. They were the unofficial den parents of our high school theatre group, and their home, in […]

Sinking Sand

Personally, I believe I’ll watch the rugby this saturday night, surrounded by family and good food, and the All Blacks will win convincingly….,

It’s just the sort of thing a good solid Kiwi bloke used to do.

My wife would appreciate this picture..

Needless to say, I’ll keep riding motorcycles, skateboards, and jumping out of perfectly good aeroplanes, etc, because thats who I am.