An update on where I’m at

The covid thing is still a political thing here in NZ these days, and there are still those unthinking types out there wearing a mask for no good reason whatsoever.

Some are still scared, others are just virtue signallers.

The mask/vaccine are still been promoted on TV/Radio, newspapers, etc, prolonging the hysteria.

Their latest ad…, just another reason we don’t watch TV or listen to the radio anymore…

We now homeschool our kids, as this is by far the best practical solution to keep them out of harms way and keep their education going.

homeschool does have a few disadvantages though.

Social isolation is one disadvantage which slowly becomes more obvious over time.

One solution to this is to find or start a teenage sports/ picnic group
We did this over the summer for all the unvaccinated kids in the area that had got mandated out of sports, social events, etc at a time when all the schools were basically closed. The group is still is still going and the number of people dropped off a bit when the mandates went, but we are carrying on regardless, least the mandates come back…
Another solution is to get them out to any social event you can with likeminded parents.

The other major disadvantage is they miss out on practical lab and workshop classes.
We are working around this by getting our kids into classes around the country. For example, a Photography camp, or a Chemistry block course been run in another town, etc

The kids lives are now mostly back to normal. They are back doing volunteer work at a local charity, (which they love doing), and the Girl Guides have relaxed their rules so my kids can participate again in person, rather than a zoom call.

The kids have moved on from playing in the local orchestra band and their old soccer team wont see them again.
I think it just gives them a bad vibe these days, because of how they were treated.

On the work front, the mandates are gone and no one has cared about masks for ages. The last two years have have been stressful for most of us though, and now that inflation is starting to bite, it has caused the union to get involved with industrial action at work.

At this point, we don’t know if this ‘plandemic’ thing is really over, or if it’s a lull in the storm. Our Government seems to love having an ’emergency’ to respond to, which leds some of us think they tend to create them.

The thinking with a lot of us, is that since you can’t rely on anything the government can get it’s hands on, it would be pragmatic to organise, prepare, and plan accordingly to negate any risk.
(at some point I’ll do a post on this)