This blog is about Life, Motorcycles, Self Responsibility, standing on your own feet, and glorious Freedom.

In this age of cancel culture, hate speech legislation, and other methods of shutting down debates, I’ve decided to remain anonymous.
If you can’t debate using reason and have to resort to other methods to ‘win’, obviously your point of view can’t be that valid.

The name ‘Uncoffined’ comes from a song by ‘The Terminals’ (a NZ band). I chose this as it translates as not dead… yet (or another words, very much alive).

We are on this Earth for a limited time with no idea when we could be recalled by our maker, therefore life is for living while we are here.

I therefore have a few simple rules for life..
Dont do things that dont do you any good
If you happen to have a ‘to do list’ or a bucket list, just do it already.

Occasionally I share posts from others. I do this when they make a reasonable and valid point. It doesn’t nessessarily mean I agree with them 100% on everything.

P.S. I’m based in New Zealand