Guest post -70% of NZ’s covid deaths were boosted (a third jab)

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Jacinda Ardern famously stated that if you were vaccinated and boosted, “You won’t get sick, and you won’t die.” She also said that Covid was a disease of the unvaccinated and the virus was literally hunting them down. But the latest figures from the Ministry of Health show that neither of those statements was even remotely true, and that 70 per cent of all Covid deaths are people who were boosted.

Just a reminder, in case you’ve forgotten Ardern’s lies:

Cam Slater on Twitter: “#ledbydonkeys” / Twitter

“Safe and effective,” she said, again and again. I wonder how many of those dead thought about what she said as they lay dying.

I wonder if it is called a booster because it boosts your chances of dying.

What angers me is that none of this should have been a surprise to anyone had our politicians and our media even bothered to watch and report what is happening around the world.

New Zealand has been a laggard right the way through this whole episode. Now we are playing catch-up and the future does not look at all positive.

Undertakers are experiencing a rush of business with Australians dying in abnormally high numbers in a ‘worrying’ trend doctors can’t explain. 

Martin Masson, who is managing director of Tribute Funeral Services in the western Melbourne suburb of Ravenhall, said there is no shortage of work for him and others in the industry as official figures confirm Aussies are dying at a higher rate in 2022.

“We’ve been consistently busy now since the first of this year,” Mr Masson told Daily Mail Australia. 

“We have certainly seen an increase in the need for our services as have done a lot of other directors.”

Mr Masson believed more working age Australians are dying but doesn’t have specific statistics to back this.  

“We certainly have seen a distinct shift back to people in their 60s, 50s and even late or mid 40s and even younger,” he said. 

Daily Mail

Gee, what did we do differently for the past two years? Could it be…? Maybe the ‘experts’ will know?

The Australian Bureau of Statistics (ABS) confirms Australians have been dying at rate higher than normal this year.

When mortality rates climb above historical averages, without being explicable by having an ageing population, they are termed ‘excess deaths’.  

There has been excess mortality recorded in 2022 across all months, with both the number of deaths and the rate of death generally higher than historical averages,” an ABS spokesperson told Daily Mail Australia.

“In May, there were 16,124 deaths, which is 13.5 per cent higher than the average of deaths we would normally see occurring in May (14,202).”

Covid was a substantial proportion of those deaths with 862 deaths “directly attributable to the virus in May”.

However, there were also more than the expected number of deaths from dementia, diabetes and ischaemic heart diseases.

Daily Mail

It’s like they are all putting their fingers in their ears and screaming lalalala…no idea what is causing this.

Peak doctors’ body the Australian Medical Association (AMA) told Daily Mail Australia it was ‘worrying’ that deaths are climbing and it reflected what is being seen overseas. 

“We have seen the ABS statistics that mirror a worrying trend in other countries like the UK,” AMA President Professor Steve Robson said.

Britain has seen a 10 per cent increase above what would be the expected number of deaths since April. 

The main causes have been cited as circulatory diseases and diabetes. 

Prof Robson said it was unclear what was driving the excess deaths in Australia.  

“There needs to be some research into why this is happening,” he said.

Daily Mail

You’d think they’d realise that the ONLY thing different from previous years was the mass injection of people with what is increasingly looking like a dreadful and often fatal unproven medicine.

It’s like these dolts have forgotten what Occam’s Razor is.

New Zealanders will start to realise this soon too. It’s coming, as sure as night follows day. By the middle of next year we too will have excess deaths increasing alarmingly.

Then the blame game will start. It will be brutal and it will be harsh. Labour will get pasted and National should too. I’m especially looking at Chris “Get Boosted” Bishop. I’ve saved all his tweets and next year I will remind him that he is just as culpable for the carnage that vaccines have caused.

No wonder ‘experts’ are quietly resigning and shuffling off to retirement. Politicians are far more shameless and infected with astonishing narcissism: they won’t quit, they’ll have to be dragged from office.

We absolutely must have a Royal Commission of Inquiry into the Labour Government’s $60 billion Covid response and action. Only then can we begin to understand how 92% of the population lost their minds and allowed the other 8% to be treated like they were worse than child rapists.


Guest Post -are we going to let them get away with it?

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It’s a bit like New Age “channeling”, where everyone is the reincarnation of an Egyptian priestess or Salem witch. If social media were to be believed, everyone’s ancestors in Europe in the 1930s were resisters who sheltered Jews from the Nazis. It’s a wonder the Gestapo ever found anyone to round up.

But that’s the way of it: victory has many friends, failure is an orphan. While Hitler’s goons were blitzkrieging Europe, they had plenty of collaborators; once they were on the run, suddenly everyone was a resister. (It’s often conveniently forgotten, too, that one of the most-quoted anti-Nazis, Martin Niemoller, was initially an enthusiastic Nazi supporter — until they famously came for him.)

We’re seeing the same frantic re-writing of history as the Covid Reich collapses. Suddenly, everyone wants to forget how they advocated for the unvaccinated to be driven out of society. Jacinda Ardern has the front to pontificate, “we all just need to respect people’s individual decisions”. Yes, the same Jacinda Ardern who happily agreed that she was creating a two-tier society for the unvaccinated.

When they’re not turning on a dime and expecting no one to notice, they’re busily blaming everyone else for what they did.

White House press secretary Karine Jean-Pierre made the most incredible comment early this month during a press briefing, after a US government report found American primary school students’ test scores had dropped dramatically since the outbreak of the Covid-19 pandemic in early 2020, wiping out, in effect, more than 20 years of steady improvement in reading and maths.

This was just one of the many negative outcomes we at The BFD were reporting that were predicted to happen, from the earliest days of lockdowns. School closures were demanded and cheered on by left-wing teachers’ unions. It’s a policy still being floated by New Zealand’s Chris Hipkins.

Jean-Pierre blamed Republicans for keeping schools closed too long – a policy followed around the world, including Australia, where schools remained shut for at least a year in some states.

Opening schools, she said, “was the work of Democrats, despite Republicans”, as if determined to win the prize for the greatest furphy in the history of the briefing room.

Don’t expect “fact-checkers” to call her out on that bare-faced lie.

As a quick internet search shows, some Republicans, sane people, and Donald Trump in particular, who as president had no power over schools, were castigated by Democrats and so-called public health experts as akin to murderers for arguing as early as July 2020 that all schools should open immediately.

Jean-Pierre’s comment came a week after Democrat New York Governor Kathy Hochul conceded shutting schools, something her Democrat predecessor Andrew Cuomo did repeatedly throughout 2020 and last year, was a disaster.

Flappy-armed frightbat Siouxsie Wiles has gone from demanding to keep Level 4 rules (which included staying home from school) in place, to pontificating that “it’s important that schools stay open as much as possible during the pandemic… students from disadvantaged homes can fall behind when schools are closed and struggle to catch up again, harming their long term prospects.”

Expect to see a lot of these obvious lies in the near future, as the proponents of lockdowns u-turn faster than a Hamilton man hearing the pregnancy test results.

The proponents of shutting everything down, China-style, have gone very quiet, or tried to blame their opponents for the policies they championed with vehemence for almost two years.

Even Anthony Fauci, who perhaps had more influence in pushing authoritarian health policies than any other individual, is washing his hands of them. “I think we need to make sure that your listeners understand I didn’t shut down anything,” he told Fox News last month.

Does this clown think none of us know how to use the internet?

“When it became clear that we had community spread in the country, with a few cases of community spread … I recommended to the president that we shut the country down,” Fauci said in October 2020.

This all matters, because it’s getting to the point that not even the Podia of Truth will be able to deny that lockdowns were the most destructive government policies since WWII. They not only didn’t work, but they’ve also made things horribly worse for years to come.

Even renowned US public health expert Leana Wen, one of the doyens of authoritarian health restrictions in the US, who demanded the unvaccinated be forced to stay in their homes, has done an about-face.

“Masking has harmed our son’s language development,” she said a recent column in The Washington Post, foreshadowing the death of mask mandates even as Covid cases soar in the northern winter.

The Australian

Like Nazi collaborators, they can’t be allowed to get away with pretending they never did it.


Guest post -Love conquers all



There’s a lot of good material floating around the internet lately about NZ and events that are close to my heart, so I’m simply going to share them here, as they are written far better than I can manage!

Shared from the BFD  Love Conquers All | The BFD

Speak up for those who cannot speak for themselves.

Earlier this week I was reading a series of heart-felt stories from many Kiwis who suffered shocking injuries from the experimental injection, and others whose lives had been ruined by the mandates and the two classes of society introduced by the government, with no serious opposition. Many thousands lost their families, their jobs, their businesses and their homes. It was the same week of the announcement that mandates would be scrapped, along with the requirement to wear a germ-ridden, oxygen-restricting muzzle.

To most, the lifting of these human rights infringements will be of great relief, as they wonder what the hell it was all for anyway. Some will remember that at one stage the country was locked down for one case of “Covid” which did nothing but hype up fear in the vulnerable and ruin small and medium businesses.

To others, the lifting of the mandates and the removal of the muzzles makes little difference. The young nurse, pressured to get the jab or lose her job, who now suffers serious post-experimental injection injuries with a double pulmonary embolism and myocarditis, won’t give it much thought. She faces an uncertain future with substantial hurdles to overcome, unaided by a callous army of bureaucrats who front for those in Wellington.

Nurses, doctors and healthcare workers, after decades of service in the care of others, were kicked out without so much as a farewell cuppa, as were teachers and many others in their respective professions and places of work. All for refusing an experimental injection they were promised would never be mandatory. The self-employed did not escape, for countless numbers of them faced business ruin unless they and their employees were jabbed. So, they had the ‘choice’ of losing their businesses or being forced to have a medical procedure they did not want. Many suffered business ruin and devastating injuries as a result. The lifting of the mandates was too late to help them.

Nor will it help Casey Hodgkinson, the brave and beautiful young woman who trusted the government propaganda that continuously advised the nation that the experimental injection was safe and effective. Casey had the jab and has been in a wheelchair since, enduring further torture at the hands of ‘medical’ staff in an Auckland hospital who tried to convince this fit and healthy young woman that her sudden onset of tremors, shaking, inability to walk properly and seizures, were ‘nothing to do’ with the experimental mRNA injection she had just taken. Her mother and partner were inhumanely banned from the hospital so she was forced to endure further torture alone, when nurses and doctors, who were meant to be there to help, denied her symptoms had anything to do with the experimental injection and prescribed mind-altering drugs for an illness of the mind she has never had. Why? Supposedly to absolve the corrupt pharmaceutical corporations of any wrong-doing and to ensure nothing besmirched the hideous political agenda. These people didn’t even know all of the contents of the ampoules, and still don’t as they haven’t been disclosed in full, so how could they possibly allege it had nothing to do with the experimental injection?

It is also too late for Rory Nairn who died as a result of the injection, and the hundreds with a similar story of great tragedy. They left grieving loved ones behind whose lives are forever changed.

Then there are the Kiwis who were forbidden to see their elderly loved ones, despite the fact that those in resthomes were coerced into receiving it “for their protection”. Many of our elderly died alone.

There were also New Zealanders who weren’t allowed back into the country. Some were coming to see elderly family members who died before their loved ones were able to make it through the endless red-tape to see them. Others were pensioners who had gone to Australia to see grandchildren and were shut out for months. The government cut their pensions because, through no fault of the pensioners, they hadn’t returned within the required time.

Another was stuck in quarantine with her young baby and forced to remain there longer because she refused to allow a long PCR swab to be invasively inserted up the delicate nose of her young baby. So she was punished. It took a loud outcry from Kiwis for this despicable treatment to end.

It was heartbreaking to read the stories of those Kiwis who also suffered as a result of being coerced or tricked into becoming part of a medical experiment, that has nine pages of serious adverse effects, recently released by Pfizer by order of an ethical American judge.

The stories starkly described the abuse and discrimination. Their poignant accounts tell of souls clearly suffering from post-traumatic stress as a direct result of the mandates, the enforcement of muzzles and of being pushed into a two-class system, ridiculed, demeaned, shouted at, forbidden to play sport, obtain driver’s licences, enter libraries, cafes, medical practices, vets, local swimming pools, hairdressers and almost anywhere, except for a supermarket to get food.

Who would have thought we would see a day dawn where Kiwis had to ‘show a pass’ to gain entry to public places and businesses and where many New Zealanders allowed this to happen to their fellow Kiwis.

Some felt coerced into having it because they would lose their job and were unable to feed the family, but they tell of being so incensed they refused to use their ‘pass’. It disgusted them.

Courageous businesses lost income by limiting their businesses to a point where everyone could enter on the same terms. Or they shut because they steadfastly refused to discriminate. It cost those businesses substantially, but they are remembered by those who were ostracized, for they tell of going out of their way to support them.

It has been said that the government acted on the information they had available to them at the time.

No, they did not.

They had information available to them and didn’t act on it.

Because very early on in this ‘lockstep’ plan there were key experts in New Zealand and all over the world sounding loud warning bells. The Great Barrington Declaration made that clear, as did Dr Simon Thornley’s Covid-19 Plan B, which provided positive alternatives. The late Dr Zelenko, from NY, was an admirable outspoken doctor who urged us not to take the injection and explained why. He provided a powerful message, before he died earlier this year, that explained what is happening and gave, regardless of belief, inspirational advice that is well worth listening to. He also provided a safe alternative to the injection that worked and didn’t create side effects. Part of that protocol involved treatment with the 2015 Nobel-prize winning ivermectin for use in humans, but the NZ government wouldn’t allow this drug with a 60-year safety record to be prescribed. The opposition, to their shame, also decried its use.

There have been countless experts who sounded warnings of the novel gene-based injection forced upon the public: a Stanford professor of medicine and epidemiology JP IoannidisDr Sunetra Gupta, from Oxford, Dr Peter McCullough, one of the top doctors in his field of cardiology in the USA, Dr Michael Yeadon, a former vice-president and chief scientist at Pfizer, and other international experts sounded urgent warning bells, as did a good number of our own courageous doctors in NZ, such as Dr Sam Bailey and Dr Mark Bailey, both of whom have done outstanding research, and their internationally renowned videos on many key issues highlight the factual information. Dr Matt Shelton was suspended for bravely speaking out against the “approved” narrative, other doctors at NZDSOS have also and suffered suspension as a result.


Few men are willing to brave the disapproval of their peers, the censure of their colleagues, the wrath of their society. Moral courage is a rarer commodity than bravery in battle or great intelligence. Yet it is the one essential, vital quality for those who seek to change a world that yields most painfully to change.

Robert F. Kennedy

Anyone in medicine – doctors and nurses – raising a cautionary comment was rapidly silenced and marginalised by their respective councils. In fact they were warned they would risk suspension if they voiced caution about the experimental injection. Effectively, they had to leave, or they were muzzled.

That meant there was more than just the patient and the doctor in the room.

It was quite crowded, really. Big pharma, the medical council, nursing council and the government had squeezed into the room with the doctor, effectively bypassing the medical professional and using them instead as a tool to coerce the patient into accepting a novel new treatment, whether they wanted it or not.

Chilling to think that we ended up with a group of politicians, none of whom were mandated, and their bureaucrats, dictating to doctors what they were permitted to prescribe. The government propaganda was parroted to the public by a sponsored media also, to the best of my knowledge, unmandated.

No rush to the front of the queue then by politicians or journalists.

Every government-paid employee seemed to become an expert on our ‘health’ overnight. The minister of health appeared so clairvoyant at one stage that he was able to predict the number of New Zealanders who would be exempt. Around 150. It would be fascinating to know who qualified, because those who had life-threatening reactions from the first jab were not classed as “exempt” from their second. The terror of the choice so many faced in this position would have been unimaginable: Get the second jab, from which there was a high likelihood one would die, or be seriously injured, or lose one’s ability to feed the family. As a former NZRN, until this time, I have never, ever, seen patients who suffered serious reactions being made to have the same injection again. It surely breaches every human right and code of ethics ever written.

Parents collecting their children from school at 3pm, witnessed teachers shouting out, “Don’t forget to get your vaccine.” Little flags outside supermarkets shouting, “Get your Covid vaccination here” popped up, with those administering them amply paid. Even drive-in jabs were the rage at one point. At its zenith, they could be found at hotels, in supermarkets and anywhere the public gathered. How could they possibly assess the medical history of these patients? Shameless bribery, coercion and propaganda were the nationwide cornerstones. We were told to trust the ‘experts’ who didn’t even know all of the contents – and mostly didn’t ask.

And even in the announcement of lifting the mandates, there was a sting to the tail:

The government had lifted the mandates, but employers could still mandate. Key DHBs have already moved to do so, despite the fact that it is known that it doesn’t stop transmission or hospitalization.

Does that now mean that the employers who mandate will now be personally responsible for injury or death as a result of making it a condition of employment? Shaky ground. Based on the inhumane lack of support for the injection-injured and the denial of ACC payments to most, it is difficult to see members of parliament standing by the mandating employers.

Another act of cruelty was not removing the Covid emergency bill. Why? So it could be brought back in again ‘if needed’? Emergency, by definitionis a sudden serious and dangerous event or situation that needs immediate action to deal with it.

We don’t have that situation. So what is the ‘emergency’? It hangs there, like a suspended guillotine, in violation of Human Rights. It has no place in a democracy.

Our country is now a battlefield, strewn with the injured, the shell-shocked, the abused, the tortured, the mortally wounded and the dead.

For hundreds of thousands of New Zealanders, the wounds remain unhealed.

You may not see them, but the scars run deep.

The hurt is palpable.

They feel numb, bruised, wounded and fragile.

The abuse they have been through can sometimes be glimpsed beneath the social mask they don just to make it possible for them to get through the day.

Trust is at an all-time low.

They have been betrayed by those who were meant to represent them, by those who were meant to ‘First, do no harm’, and by friends and fellow Kiwis who went along with the apartheid, with some who ridiculed and ostracized them.

It will not be fixed with a merry little announcement, as if on some sort of timetable, in tandem with the rest of the world.

It will not be fixed by hastily trying to paper over the cracks.

It will not be fixed with a callous ‘get over it’ or ‘time to move on’.

No, it will not.

Not before we cleanse the wounds.

As a country, it is time to heal.

It is the time for open conversations and honesty.

It is time for us to re-establish our bonds with each other, and it is time to promise that we will stand together and never allow our human rights to be violated again. Ever.

It is important we protect each other from those who seek to divide us, whether through culture, race, religion, personal decisions about health, personal beliefs or our views on the world. We must protect our free speech and democracy and never again allow politicians, media or anyone to seek to divide us by creating two classes of people, or in any other way.

When the Nazis arrived in Denmark in WW2, the Jewish people were ordered to wear the Star of David, so the king asked all citizens to wear the symbol. They did. It was the perfect solution as there was no division and the Nazis couldn’t tell them apart. They stood together.

There has to be accountability for the deplorable abuse of New Zealanders by those in office and in parliament, on both sides of the House, along with the bureaucrats and media, unions, medical councils and churches, courts and police that were complicit.

The attack on our democracy at Camp Freedom also needs to be addressed, for these wounds remain with many Kiwis, too. They came from all walks of life and camped out there in harmony, exercising their democratic right to protest the mandates and to talk to those who purported to represent them, but not one MP came out to listen. So, who are they representing then in those corridors of power? Apparently, not the people. Blaring music was blasted over them at all hours, sprinklers were turned on at night and other cruel tools were used to try to dissuade the protestors, including unprovoked attacks by police. It was a tragedy. The injustice of it all sent many more Kiwis to join them in their protest. The live footage of the courageous alternative media and the testimony of those who attended Camp Freedom tells the true story of what happened, not the wildly inaccurate mainstream narrative that focused on some causing trouble who had never been seen there until the last day.

It may take some time, but our people can be healed with understanding and compassion.

It is often the little things; checking to see if someone is OK, giving a smile and hug and making sure they’re managing. Lynda Wharton and her team at the Health Forum do amazing work with those who have been injured and may need some help. Voices for Freedom have excellent groups throughout the country too that could use some backup. is another. And they will know of others.

Each of us can heal the broken hearted – listen to their stories, let them know we are there, help them with what they need and do what you’d like them to do if it was you in that wheelchair, or now invalided. Make sure they’re not alone. Speak for them. Reach out however you best can.

For it is love that conquers all.





Out with the traffic lights, in with the Pointsman

This article is shared from ‘Voices For Freedom’ , New Zealand

Out With The Traffic Lights, In With The Pointsman

The ‘Traffic Light System’ (TLS) ended at midnight last night.

  • Mask recommendations and mandates are ditched, except in healthcare settings and aged care facilities.
  • Government injection mandates will end in two weeks on 26 September but employers get to decide whether they keep restrictions in place.
  • Household contacts of positive COVID-19 cases are no longer required to isolate for a week. Seven-day isolation is still required for all positive COVID-19 cases.
  • There are no more vaccination requirements for overseas travellers and aircrew.

Mental Health & Human Consequences

The Prime Minister noted in her prepared speech yesterday that she was concerned about people’s mental health, stating, “I don’t want people’s wellbeing to be the price of Covid.”

Well, it’s a bit late for that, Jacinda.

Our PM failed to acknowledge that her 24/7 stream of fear-inducing Covid-response propaganda directed at the NZ public has driven the country’s collective mental health to new lows.

Social media platforms are filled with desperate people fearing the worst when the masks come off today.

Mandates divided us. They destroyed dreams, livelihoods, families, friendships, futures, and lives.

Critical sectors, industries, and businesses have been dealt blow after blow. Many are on their knees and they’ve just received yet another thump in the form of an impromptu public holiday – buying votes with other people’s money.

Meanwhile, seemingly oblivious to the blatant hypocrisy, Jacinda kept a straight face from the ‘Podium Of Truth’ as she said in respect of the ongoing wearing of masks: “We all just need to respect everyone’s individual decisions.”

Our Thoughts

Are we happy our Dear Leader has finally read the room, noted the dissent, and seen sense? Yes.

Is there serious damage that still needs to be recognised, addressed, and remedied? Also yes. If that’s even possible.

Do we believe this about-turn had anything to do with evidence? Jacinda’s cabinet roundly ignored the evidence for the past two years, so why would they start paying attention now…

This was never about health – it has always been political.

It Was You!

The shift we have witnessed over the past few weeks culminating in yesterday’s announcement is because of people like you:

  • Freedom lovers who continued to stand up and speak out no matter the cost.
  • Courageous people who stood resolute in their principles, unafraid to exercise their rights and ask the tricky questions. Those who saw through the lies right from the start and those who have recently awakened to the madness.
  • Otherwise quiet Kiwis who dialed up the volume to challenge the nonsense even when their voices wobbled.
  • Folk who refused to cover their faces – in the shops, at the supermarkets, in schools, at medical centres, on buses and trains, in their airports, and on planes.
  • People who refused to buy into the hype, choosing instead to retain their humanity and connection with those around them.
  • Those who kept reading, thinking, and questioning the official narrative.
  • The kind-hearted who supported one another with compassion, openness and acceptance through some of the hardest times of our lives.
  • The determined New Zealanders who shunned the medical apartheid, got creative and found new ways to meet their needs, organise, and connect.
  • People who support organisations like ours to bring people together, challenge the status quo, and educate the public on issues of importance.
  • VFF supporters who, week after week, stood on roadsides smiling and holding signs and helped to fund and hand-deliver 5 million flyers, including our recent mask campaign.
  • Movements like ours, whose numbers continue to grow and swell to a size that Jacinda can no longer ignore.

What Lies Ahead?

Many have that uneasy feeling that this is not over. So long as the Covid-19 Public Health Response Act 2020 is still in place, it can’t be. The current situation warrants the dumping of the restrictions but apparently not the removal of the ‘emergency’ legislation. That would be a sensible step too far.

The power’s been cut to the traffic lights and there’s a cop en route to the scene with his white gloves ready for point duty.

Where will New Zealand’s attention be directed next? Might it be ‘climate change’ restrictions? Perhaps the energy crisis? The ‘need’ for digital ID and currency? Food shortages? Gaslighting over explosive inflation?

Your guess is as good as ours.

But one thing’s for sure, in order to remove ourselves from this endless game we need to get stronger – as individuals, families, and communities. We need to Rebuild Free and never allow ourselves to be vulnerable to tyrannical leaders, restrictions, laws, and manufactured social pressure ever again.


Alia x


Voices For Freedom

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An example of the NZ Government’s standard operating procedure (SOP)

Step 1 -Mandate the police force -JAN 2022

Step 2 lose court case against the mandates in court -FEB 2022

Step 3 -Mumble and mutter that it’s irrelevent because they were about to withdraw the mandate anyway.

Step 4 -Appeal the court decision -March 2022

Step 5 -Get all spiteful about it -April 2022

Step 6 -Move on, nothing to see here… -May 2022

Covid laws relaxed in New Zealand

A link to the announcement here…

I think the main reason the laws have been relaxed is because most people are now just ignoring them, the Government was in danger of been out of step with the public and the all important polls.

The covid laws may be mostly gone, but private companies can still inforce them onto their employee’s, so in some ways the teachers and nurses who got mandated out of their jobs are no better off.

Below is a link that shows the differing positions held by NZ’s Prime Minister over time. Note the hypocrisy…

Please don’t ever forget them…

Shared from The Health forum, New Zealand, after most of the covid restrictions were dropped.

THE NZ PRIME MINISTER stated on MONDAY 12 SEPTEMBER 2022 the following…

“It’s time to safely turn the page on our Covid-19 management, and live without the extraordinary measures we have previously used,” Ardern said.

“Finally, rather than feeling that Covid dictates what happens to us, our lives, and our futures, we take back control.”

And with the utterance of those two sentences written no doubt by a parliamentary speech writer, New Zealanders pull the curtain across the Human Rights abomination that was the New Zealand Covid Response.


I awoke with a gnawing heaviness in my belly.

It took me a few hours to understand the blocked feeling in my gut, and the sensation of tears brimming just behind my eyes.

Then i got it.

I am feeling anger and grief for the thousands of New Zealanders who have become a part of my life in the past 18 months, those who shared their pain with me.

The vaccine injured

The vaccine bereaved families who have lost a mum, dad, child, brother or sister after their (possibly mandated) Covid injection.

The mandated out who have suffered professional and personal abuse, lost their careers, their professional esteem, their income….and their trust in the system.

The families who lost a loved one during lockdowns, and experienced the excrutiating pain of virtual imprisonment at home while a loved one died alone, frightened, in a hospital or rest home.

The Kiwis stranded abroad who were unable to get a quarantine room to return home for the death of a loved one or the birth of a child.

The New Zealanders (including me) who have been deemed the black sheep and cut off from family because of our decision to refuse the injection.

The mothers with adult children who will no longer speak to them because of the vaccine divide. The adult children with mothers and fathers who have shunned them for the same reason.

The teachers who were marched off the premises with nothing more than a box of personal possessions, and a warning that if they returned they would be charged with trespassing. Their crime? Refusing the injection. For that they lost their job and were refused the chance to even say goodbye to their beloved students.

The families where both mum and dad refused the injection, perhaps based on pre-existing medical conditions and a personal risk/benefit analysis. They lost their jobs. They lost their homes. Mortgages foreclosed.

The grandparents who for months were banned from seeing grandchildren because of their unvaccinated status.

The teenagers and children who lost their sport clubs, their team memberships, their ability to sit drivers licences, their ability to enter a library or a cinema. Their complete alienation and isolation as a result of their unvaccinated status.

The elderly living in Retirement villages, who for months were forbidden from entering any communal space, and were virtual prisoners in their apartments, because of their vaccine status.

The patients who visited doctors and were “seen” in back alleys next to rubbish bins as they were deemed too high a risk to enter the building. Even with no covid symptoms and a negative PCR test. Virtual lepers because they refused the injection.

The doctors, nurses, surgeons, teachers, police, military (and more) who were severely injured or nearly died from their first shot and were refused an exemption from further doses.

The mandated who collapsed with severe Anaphylaxis from a dose….and then were refused exemptions, instead being instructed to take their next dose in ED with a resuscitation team and a crash cart by their side.

The teenagers who were crippled by Myocarditis and refused exemptions. Instead they were left with ongoing health problems, a potential shortening of their life… and kicked out of their Universities, training insitutitions and jobs.

The pregnant mothers who delivered their babies wearing a mask and surrounded by vaccinated staff wearing PPE equipment. Their partner allowed to stay for only a couple of hours before being removed from the premises.

The thousands of New Zealanders who have not received the medical care they needed due to staff mandates, chronic understaffing and a refusal to safely return unvaccinated skilled staff to the medical field, even with PPE and negative tests.

Thousands of years of medical and teaching skills removed from our community due to medical mandates. Surgeons, Psychologist, Psychiatrists, Pathologists, Doctors, Nurses, Midwives, Aged Carerers and more.


Many suicides.

Businesses lost.
Mortgages called in.
Husbands leaving wives.
Wives leaving husbands.
Teens plunged into depression and suicidality.
Vaccine broken and injured.
Vaccine bereaved.
Poverty. Isolation. Fear. Derision. Separation.Castigation.

Today many New Zealanders will sip their lattes and for the first time leave their masks in the car.

For them it is OVER. Covid is OVER.

My day will continue just as it has every day for the past 18 months.

I will receive emails from Covid vaccine injured New Zealanders seeking help and hope.

I’ll follow the chat threads of the groups I’m in where real New Zealanders seek and find comfort from other Kiwi’s who “understand” their pain and suffering.

Many who i now consider personal friends, will today simply try to survive yet another day in a torturous hell they never asked for…and were never warned about, before they rolled up their sleeve and took one for the team.

The amazing, courageous men and women who today will just try to make it through to bed time, doing battle with pain, exhaustion, depression, neurological disorders, cardiac dysfunction and more.

The wounded soldiers labelled “necessary collateral damage” by a high profile media personality; and a senior journalist in our leading newspaper.

As masks are discarded and workplaces open up to all Kiwis, not just those who complied with a medical order, please don’t forget those who are changed, perhaps forever.

As New Zealanders are invited to “take back control over covid”, not everyone has the physical, mental or emotional ability to do exactly this.

We are surrounded by “the broken”.

They may be invisible to you….but i promise you they are there.

Please never forget.

Lynda Wharton
The Health Forum NZ
September 13, 2022