Guest post -Gorbachev dies, the Queen dies

I’m no monarchist, but I appreciate that Queen Elizabeth II was handed quite a job, to preside over the dismantling of the British Empire, to reconcile with the new Commonwealth and to be the symbol of the United Kingdom as it, and its former Empire transform itself.  I have little time for the vulgarians who…

Gorbachev dies, the Queen dies

Guest post -Your honor…

From now on, I’m going to share a post every Tuesday from other blogs that I think deserve a better audience.

The guest post this week is from a young blogger in Africa, with an insightfulness beyond her years. In this link she talks about the recent election in her country and the characters involved.

Image:courtesy Last month people voted. It was a peaceful process –for the most part– and we were all eagerly waiting to know the people who would be stealing public resources for the next five years. Well, at least I was! I might sound judgy -which I most certainly are(n’t)- but let me tell you; the […]

Your honor…

AUKUS – best news in some time

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So much to cheer in the new AUKUS alliance. Why?1. It enhances Australia’s and the region’s defence. It enables Australia, New Zealand’s most important ally, to acquire nuclear-powered submarines, which will much better serve the defence of Australia and its allies, than the diesel-powered retrofitted French ones, that the Malcolm Turnbull government ordered.  2. It cancels the…

AUKUS – best news in some time

20 Years Ago This Week

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September, 2001, was a tumultuous month for my family. We’d sold our Orange County condo, the only home our children had ever known, and on Labor Day moved into a rented townhouse in Burbank, California. The next day I would begin teaching filmmaking at the L.A. Film Studies Center, in the shadow of the iconic […]

20 Years Ago This Week

Your new Taliban 2.0

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Salaam Alaikum. You’ve been that friend who rejoices with friends in their good times and sticks with them through the bad times.  Congratulations on your purchase and installation of the new Taliban 2.0 Operating System. We realise that twenty years is a long time to wait for an upgrade but thanks to a donation of […]

Your new Taliban 2.0

The Green Fantasy Is a Nightmare

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California is cruising toward a 100% “green” energy future, or so the state’s leaders tell us. But how, exactly, will that objective be brought about? In March of this year, the responsible state agencies issued a plan to achieve 100% carbon dioxide-free electricity by 2045. That is an achievable goal if you use nuclear power. […]

The Green Fantasy Is a Nightmare