The demise of President Trump

Donald has certainly been a polarising figure in world affairs not only in the USA, but also in New Zealand because the main stream media here love to have an ‘evil ‘ guy to write about.

It’s bemusing and alarming to watch Kiwi’s take ‘sides’ in something that is none of our bussiness and it’s not something we can or should control.

It’s worth noting a few things from history thou.

He was elected in 2016, when all the media were adament that he would lose, thereafter, Hilary Clinton spent the next few years moaning about losing.

Impeachment proceedings began before he was made President

He was accused of Russian colusion, but when it appeared to be Biden instead, it all went quiet…

BLM & Antifa have been running riot in various cities throughout the USA and the media has been lenient on them. (mostly peaceful according to CNN)

The ‘violent riot’ at Capital hill was blamed on Trump, except that 5 minutes on youtube clearly shows that he never incited a riot. (I love how the protestors stayed within the walkway ropes)

Trump isn’t actually the problem as we are led to believe. He was supported by a significant proportion of the population. The USA’s problems wont simply disappear with Trump’s demise.

There is presently talk of nullifying any of Trump’s achivements and wiping him from the pages of history. Anyone who has read the book ‘1984’ by George Orwell might notice a familiar storyline…

The Cost of Freedom in 2020

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Where is the USA going ?

I wrote the words below after the 2016 U.S. elections. This year, the issues seem completely different. But are they? True, we’ve had four years of bluster from a man who believes not so much in conservative values as in “winning.” And true, the man who’s now poised to win the presidency speaks more in […]

The Cost of Freedom in 2020