Never-ending Emergency Powers

Epidemic Preparedness (COVID-19) Notice 2020 Renewal Notice (No 3) 2022 Comes into force: 15 September, 2022 – Expires: 20 October, 2022. Just in time, as the previous order lapses tomorrow, on 15 September, 2022. New Zealand has been living under Covid-19 Emergency Powers since 25 March, 2020. For 904 days (including today) and counting. This […]

Never-ending Emergency Powers

Covid laws relaxed in New Zealand

A link to the announcement here…

I think the main reason the laws have been relaxed is because most people are now just ignoring them, the Government was in danger of been out of step with the public and the all important polls.

The covid laws may be mostly gone, but private companies can still inforce them onto their employee’s, so in some ways the teachers and nurses who got mandated out of their jobs are no better off.

Below is a link that shows the differing positions held by NZ’s Prime Minister over time. Note the hypocrisy…

Please don’t ever forget them…

Shared from The Health forum, New Zealand, after most of the covid restrictions were dropped.

THE NZ PRIME MINISTER stated on MONDAY 12 SEPTEMBER 2022 the following…

“It’s time to safely turn the page on our Covid-19 management, and live without the extraordinary measures we have previously used,” Ardern said.

“Finally, rather than feeling that Covid dictates what happens to us, our lives, and our futures, we take back control.”

And with the utterance of those two sentences written no doubt by a parliamentary speech writer, New Zealanders pull the curtain across the Human Rights abomination that was the New Zealand Covid Response.


I awoke with a gnawing heaviness in my belly.

It took me a few hours to understand the blocked feeling in my gut, and the sensation of tears brimming just behind my eyes.

Then i got it.

I am feeling anger and grief for the thousands of New Zealanders who have become a part of my life in the past 18 months, those who shared their pain with me.

The vaccine injured

The vaccine bereaved families who have lost a mum, dad, child, brother or sister after their (possibly mandated) Covid injection.

The mandated out who have suffered professional and personal abuse, lost their careers, their professional esteem, their income….and their trust in the system.

The families who lost a loved one during lockdowns, and experienced the excrutiating pain of virtual imprisonment at home while a loved one died alone, frightened, in a hospital or rest home.

The Kiwis stranded abroad who were unable to get a quarantine room to return home for the death of a loved one or the birth of a child.

The New Zealanders (including me) who have been deemed the black sheep and cut off from family because of our decision to refuse the injection.

The mothers with adult children who will no longer speak to them because of the vaccine divide. The adult children with mothers and fathers who have shunned them for the same reason.

The teachers who were marched off the premises with nothing more than a box of personal possessions, and a warning that if they returned they would be charged with trespassing. Their crime? Refusing the injection. For that they lost their job and were refused the chance to even say goodbye to their beloved students.

The families where both mum and dad refused the injection, perhaps based on pre-existing medical conditions and a personal risk/benefit analysis. They lost their jobs. They lost their homes. Mortgages foreclosed.

The grandparents who for months were banned from seeing grandchildren because of their unvaccinated status.

The teenagers and children who lost their sport clubs, their team memberships, their ability to sit drivers licences, their ability to enter a library or a cinema. Their complete alienation and isolation as a result of their unvaccinated status.

The elderly living in Retirement villages, who for months were forbidden from entering any communal space, and were virtual prisoners in their apartments, because of their vaccine status.

The patients who visited doctors and were “seen” in back alleys next to rubbish bins as they were deemed too high a risk to enter the building. Even with no covid symptoms and a negative PCR test. Virtual lepers because they refused the injection.

The doctors, nurses, surgeons, teachers, police, military (and more) who were severely injured or nearly died from their first shot and were refused an exemption from further doses.

The mandated who collapsed with severe Anaphylaxis from a dose….and then were refused exemptions, instead being instructed to take their next dose in ED with a resuscitation team and a crash cart by their side.

The teenagers who were crippled by Myocarditis and refused exemptions. Instead they were left with ongoing health problems, a potential shortening of their life… and kicked out of their Universities, training insitutitions and jobs.

The pregnant mothers who delivered their babies wearing a mask and surrounded by vaccinated staff wearing PPE equipment. Their partner allowed to stay for only a couple of hours before being removed from the premises.

The thousands of New Zealanders who have not received the medical care they needed due to staff mandates, chronic understaffing and a refusal to safely return unvaccinated skilled staff to the medical field, even with PPE and negative tests.

Thousands of years of medical and teaching skills removed from our community due to medical mandates. Surgeons, Psychologist, Psychiatrists, Pathologists, Doctors, Nurses, Midwives, Aged Carerers and more.


Many suicides.

Businesses lost.
Mortgages called in.
Husbands leaving wives.
Wives leaving husbands.
Teens plunged into depression and suicidality.
Vaccine broken and injured.
Vaccine bereaved.
Poverty. Isolation. Fear. Derision. Separation.Castigation.

Today many New Zealanders will sip their lattes and for the first time leave their masks in the car.

For them it is OVER. Covid is OVER.

My day will continue just as it has every day for the past 18 months.

I will receive emails from Covid vaccine injured New Zealanders seeking help and hope.

I’ll follow the chat threads of the groups I’m in where real New Zealanders seek and find comfort from other Kiwi’s who “understand” their pain and suffering.

Many who i now consider personal friends, will today simply try to survive yet another day in a torturous hell they never asked for…and were never warned about, before they rolled up their sleeve and took one for the team.

The amazing, courageous men and women who today will just try to make it through to bed time, doing battle with pain, exhaustion, depression, neurological disorders, cardiac dysfunction and more.

The wounded soldiers labelled “necessary collateral damage” by a high profile media personality; and a senior journalist in our leading newspaper.

As masks are discarded and workplaces open up to all Kiwis, not just those who complied with a medical order, please don’t forget those who are changed, perhaps forever.

As New Zealanders are invited to “take back control over covid”, not everyone has the physical, mental or emotional ability to do exactly this.

We are surrounded by “the broken”.

They may be invisible to you….but i promise you they are there.

Please never forget.

Lynda Wharton
The Health Forum NZ
September 13, 2022

Dear Men..

Dear Men..
We miss you.
When women gather together in circles..
we tell stories of how much we long for you. Crave you.
Pray for you to rise and meet us here.
We mourn your missing presence.
In our childhoods.
In the homes we’ve built without you.
In our beds.
We hold hands and beg God to set you free from whatever keeps you from standing at our sides.
Right here.
Here In intimacy.
In integrity.
In wholeness.
In freedom.
The places where you are caught in dishonesty..
we grieve and rage over.
We see your pain and we see your power.
We miss you.
We love you.
We can’t wait for you to come home
For the men who have..
thank you so much.
Please call your brothers..
start men’s circles..
show them the manuals.
Tell them of what you gave up.
Of your brokenness and acceptance.
Of what it truly means to take up the mantle of protector.
There aren’t enough fathers..
resources and leaders for men to sit at the feet of.
The women have tried.
We can’t do it.
The restoration must come from within the Masculine.
The Feminine cannot mother grown men into wholeness.
We cannot strap men to our backs and walk.
We tried.
We bow out.
Not gracefully.
But in mournful acceptance nonetheless.
And we will wait for you to burst free from the shackles patriarchy has placed on you.
We pray.
We pray.
We pray.
For the Great Remembrance.

~ Shade Ashani

The silencing of the Governments critics

The New Zealand Government have been very busy of late shutting down or neutralising opposing points of view to their narrative.

Firstly, they set up The Disinformation Project (TDP). (The link below is quite a long read, but very detailed if you have the time)

Then, just prior to the last protest outside parliament in Wellington last month, they went after certain media and social influencers beforehand.

Avi Yemeni from Rebel news (Australia) was barred from entering New Zealand, This turned out to be a preplanned operation.

The Police then got outed big time by a leaked email as described in the link below.

Followed by a witch hunt for the leaker. (which proves the veracity of the emails beyond doubt)

I should mention that a ‘mole’ is defined as a whistleblower under New Zealand law, and is immune to prosecution.

Chantelle Baker, a journalist who was video livestreaming events as they happen at various protests, suddenly found her Facebook page with 97,000 followers suspended for something ‘she might have implied’ 12 months earlier.

Counterspin media were arrested and had all their media equipment taken off them, which effectively nobbles them.

They were charged with allegedly distributing a link to an investigative documentary on the 22nd February (six months ago!), and deemed it an objectionable publication under the Films, Videos and Publications Classifications Act 1993 on the 23rd of February this year (six month ago!)

The link below is long….….html

All three examples above show a set pattern

Meanwhile, the Main Stream Media is now doing a witch hunt on behalf of the Government, to ‘out’ any candidates who don’t suit their narrative in the local council elections.

Introducing the hunt for VFF members… (Voices for freedom) 

Some examples are linked to below..

I guess they don’t trust voters to make their own choices anymore…

If you have to ask, Why is the Main Stream Media just printing Government propaganda without question, just follow the money…,which%20otherwise%20would%20not%20be%20produced%20without%20

Staying grounded during a time of upheaval

we have a rather idealistic government in New Zealand in much the same way that Canada and the USA have at the moment.They have this vision of reforming society and what it values, and changing those values to something else.

That ‘something else’ constantly changes according to polls and public opinion. In other words, mob rule.

Anything traditional these days is either attacked, or ignored as they promote an ‘alternative’, in a classic case of mis-direction.

Traditional groups are all under attack. Christian groups, Catholics, Girl Guides, Boy scouts, marriage, even the concept of women, is maligned or attacked in the media.

It is in times like this that you remember who you are, where you came from, and stick to your beliefs, and just ignore all that noise and peer pressure.

The link below is from someone who is very religious, but that in itself is beside the point.

All that matters is that you have a belief in something, which Mitch plainly does.

Photo by Dan Grinwis Thought for the Week I was an atheist, and insufferably superior about it. I considered myself more rational, more progressive than my naïve religious friends. But there was one thing I couldn’t explain: The Wallaces. They were the unofficial den parents of our high school theatre group, and their home, in […]

Sinking Sand

Personally, I believe I’ll watch the rugby this saturday night, surrounded by family and good food, and the All Blacks will win convincingly….,

It’s just the sort of thing a good solid Kiwi bloke used to do.

My wife would appreciate this picture..

Needless to say, I’ll keep riding motorcycles, skateboards, and jumping out of perfectly good aeroplanes, etc, because thats who I am.

The NZ Government gets desperate for cash

New Zealand’s economy is probably much worse as it appears. Those OTT (over the top) lockdowns over covid cost about a billion dollars a week, and they did several of them for several months. To pay for it, they printed money which is now causing problems with inflation. There are also staff shortages in many area’s, and then staff that have been mandated out of their jobs. (join the dots….). This led to the extraordinary ill-fated raid on our superannuation funds, which lasted a whole 5 hours of scrutiny.

An email I received from the taxpayer union this afternoon (edited to keep just the juicy bits and clarity for non-kiwi folk)

From: dddd <>
Date: Wednesday, 31 August 2022 at 1:04 PM
Subject: Mr Robertson (Finance minister) is coming for your retirement fund

Dear xxxx, Have you seen the news this morning? Grant Robertson, Jacinda Ardern (prime minister), and David Parker are coming for your retirement fund with a new tax. I’m emailing to ask for your support so we can stop this outrageous tax on savings, superannuation, and retirement.

Make no mistake xxxx, this proposed change to GST is the most significant and sneaky introduction of a new tax we have ever seen. It is clearly an attempt to paper over the financial mismanagement of Grant Robertson and the explosion of Government spending in the last few years.
The tax hits the very thing New Zealand needs more of: savings and investment. That’s why we need to step up and launch a campaign to force the Government to Axe this Super Tax.

This tax came from nowhere. The Government has snuck it into an administrative taxation bill. It directs funds from savers into the Government’s pocket.

The numbers are eyewatering. The Financial Markets Authority says this new tax, and its compounding effects will dent retirement funds by $186 billion by 2070.
That’s the equivalent of more than half the size of New Zealand’s entire economy this year. Remember, even small annual changes in taxes applicable to savings compound into thousand-dollar fees. That’s what makes this new tax so nasty, and economically destructive.
Someone with a $100,000 Kiwisaver fund being charged a 1% fee will see them lose $21,000 to Grant Robertson’s Super Tax over the next 25 years.

Right now the team in Wellington are working on a quick response campaign to fight Grant Robertson across print, digital, and (contingent on the war chest) TV advertising.
Your support means we can hold to account the Government on their broken promise of ‘no new taxes’.

This Government has spent like a drunken sailor on shore leave. But instead of tightening his belt, Grant Robertson is hoping your nest egg will solve his financial hole. We can’t let him get away with it. Click here to make a confidential donation.
Thank you for your support.

An email I got five hours later…

Dear xxxx,
Government caught red-handed
What a day! In what is probably the fastest back down in the history of backdowns, Revenue Minister David Parker has just announced that he is pulling the pin on the Government’s proposed “Super Tax” on Kiwisaver and managed retirement funds!

The hundred billion dollar back down.

The news came through as the staff were literally going through draft designs for full-page nationwide newspaper ads pencilled in for tomorrow.

What’s incredible is that Ministers were across the media all morning defending the policy – they were clearly well briefed and knew exactly what they were proposing. But by this afternoon the writing was on the wall. Minister Parker was forced into a swift U-Turn following widespread opposition.

This Government is student politics disorganisation but at a national level.
In Parliament today, the Prime Minister claimed that the GST change has been in the pipeline for years, but we keep a very close eye on IRD’s tax consultation papers – and let me tell you this proposal came from nowhere.

This Government’s fiscal management and wasteful spending is out of control. Grant Robertson, David Parker and Jacinda Ardern are desperate to paper over their fiscal holes with your money. That’s why a strong Taxpayers’ Union is so important right now.

Thank you for your support. dddd @ Taxpayers’ Union